Codes & Notes is a guide and reference you can trust

A book for anyone wanting to learn more about web development. Whether you are getting started or need a trustworthy reference, this is it. Inspired by friends and learning from people learning, this is a growing resource on creating things with code on the internet.

Designing and developing your ideas with HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be easy or challenging as you like. It is my goal to provide an insigt into the world of communicating ideas. With abstract and broad programming concepts compared to specific CSS techniques and solutions to your everyday problems through introductions to the tools and workflows I’ve come to rely on.

This book will teach you how to develop that knowledge into a robust digital product. Hey, perhaps even a product with some purpose, who knows.

Every day, new techniques, methods and best practices try to overflow your mind. It is important to understand the technology and where it is moving. To remember your goals and keep a straight head. To invest the one resource you can’t replenish, time, where it matters. Hopefully the following mumblings will provide you enough knowledge to withstand the bombardment of information we’re under.

One thing is certain, I’ve been creating websites long enough to learn that I would have appreciated these words earlier in my own career.

In turn, I hope you will appreciate them now.


How is it written?

It would be foolish to ignore the enormous web development community and as such this book thrives on the work and collective thoughts of you. I will strive to provide the right amount of references.

At the bottom of every page there are references to other articles you can continue reading.

A work in progress