A work in progress

As of this writing, the 4th of May 2014 21st of June 2015 26th of December 2016, there is still very much to write and I’ve learned that this project will never end. Which is a good thing.

When I started having more time for the project I ended up around threehundred-something articles. And while I appreciate Stalin’s remark “quantity is a quality” it does not translate well into the internet. We have an abundance of out-dated articles. One of the ideas of Codes & Notes is to only keep what you really need to know. One way to accomplish this is that I revisit the articles every six months or so. This way you quickly see which, if any, articles here were too specific to a certain era.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.


I care how you consume which is why I want to publish everything here as a website, as a pdf, as an e-book and of course a hardcover book. Eventually. I take the advice of another good friend: “ship early, ship often”.

All this to say that Codes & Notes is a work in progress and it will stay like that. It’s best like that.

Completely unrelated illustration except for the fact that they were also working. The opium workers

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