About Codes & Notes

Hi, I’m Oskar Rough Mosumgaard. This is a resource on web development. A friend wished for a single place to inspire and guide the vast information overload that is the internet. A place with just the right amount of information, insights and references. If you want some music to listen to while you’re reading I’ll be the first to recommend a couple of my own mixes or check the now archived lyde.org or Radio4000. Please read the Introduction. If you have any comments, wishes or feedback please get in touch at oskar@rough.dk.


All titles are set with the beautiful Eskapade Fraktur by TypeTogether and the body copy is Questa Sans by by Martin Majoor & Jos Buivenga. Code samples are set with Triplicate by Matthew Butterick, who also — unknowingly — was an inspiration for this project.


I code and note (pun intended) everything on a Mac with Sublime Text. Articles are written and formatted with Markdown and HTML, designed locally in a Gulp setup (similar to my rough boilerplate) combined with Hugo to build what you’re currently looking at. Previously I’ve been through Jekyll, Middleman, Wordpress and Drupal but Gulp and Hugo is perfect for me. It’s fast and efficient, the code is not too abstract. Everything is open source at github.com/oskarrough/codesandnotes - please have a look and let me know if you have any questions.

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