Easier HTML

Here are some tips to make you more productive with HTML by optimizing your efficiency and speed. Writing HTML can be tedious but luckily you are a developer and developers are all lazy. Fact. And we all know who invented the wheel.

Let your editor do the brackets

Almost every editor can help you with autocomplete. Try to write the first few characters of a word and then press the key to expand the suggestion. In my Sublime Text that key is the tab key. Could also be enter.

For instance, writing “a” followed by a press on tab, my editor writes <a href=""></a>. Much faster than typing all those special characters by yourself over and over again. To take it even further Emmet is a great plugin that will do much more. Write faster HTML and CSS with Emmet.

If you have an open tag and want close it, e.g. write </a> you can do so by pressing alt+command+ in Sublime Text.

Other ways of writing HTML

By design HTML is simple in its syntax. Jade and HAML are two ways of adding more features to your markup writing. Whatever you chose, be sure to consider the costs of adding another language on top of HTML. Not relying on any extra step of compiling here can save you some headaches and it’s easier to copy paste snippets from the internet.


HTML Semantics