Exluding favicons from Ember CLI fingerprinting

If there are files you don’t want fingerprinted using ember-cli, like favicons, you can use this inside your ember-cli-build.js (previously called Brocfile.js):

app = new EmberApp({
	fingerprint: {
		exclude: ['apple-touch-icon', 'favicon', 'mstile']

It will exclude any file matching any part of what you specify. So it’ll also match ‘android-chrome-96x96.png’ for instance.


Ok, the real reason I’m even mentioning this is that I don’t want to pollute my index.html with +15 favicons references. If the favicons are fingerprinted browsers can’t autodiscover them.

Fingerprinting, what?

One way of making sites faster is to use allow browsers to cache the assets on your site for a long, long time. The downside of this is that user’s might not get the newest version of your assets. Enter fingerprinting. Using broccoli-asset-rev Ember CLI automatically fingerprints all your assets. In human, it appends a randomly generated string to all your assets and updates any references to them in your templates and styles to match. The next time a user visits your page the browser will detect the filename changes and replace the cached asset. Good.

By the way, Real Favicon Generator is great for generating all those annoying images.

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