PHP systems


There are tons of designed themes for Wordpress available giving you a quick start which is great! Until it’s not. Starter themes are for when you do know, or want to know, what you’re doing. _s (or Underscores) is a very well made theme by Automaticc (the team behind Wordpress, go figure) and is always up to date. There’s also a builder to get you started.




A really little PHP-based content management system. Perch looks very useful for smaller websites. It’s the templating engine that enables you to build your site almost as were it static.


Statamic is a pretty useful filed-based CMS system with good ideas for the future. The two major draws for me being total version control and close to no start-up time.

You can store and manage all your content with files (could be text, markdown, html) and Statamic adds variables and templating with PHP and Yaml. I wonder when (if) you hit the wall and wish you went with a more powerful system.